for the people / mō Ngā tāngata

There is an ever-growing demand from communities to protect and enhance the natural environment. 

It is essential that these communities have access to robust science as it’s the foundation of effective and positive change.  

Salt Ecology is driven to provide the science that delivers the results that best meet community aspirations.

Rena Oil Spill, Tauranga NZ Penguin release


Change is being driven more and more by community aspirations. On the back of ever-building global awareness, these aspirations are no longer just co-ordinated locally but are often steered nationally and even internationally.

What Salt Ecology offers is a pathway for organisations to respond to community aspirations through understanding client needs and liaising with stakeholders to include them in the decision-making process.

We have developed this mode of operating as it has been repeatedly demonstrated that outcomes forged in this manner, ones that include a community driven, societal mandate, stand the test of time. 

Joe Biden Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Command Centre


Understanding what science outputs mean can be challenging in a world where there are unprecedented levels of information accessible from a wide variety of sources, including citizen science, advocacy groups, and independent researchers.

Salt Ecology specialises in interpreting this information and delivering science in plain language that breaks down the barriers to understanding. This facilitates the uptake of knowledge in a way that is open and egalitarian.

We believe that providing clarity around the key issues is essential as it allows stakeholders to identify and focus on pathways and goals that can truly make
a difference. 


Brooks McCall Deepwater Horizon Science Crew


Salt Ecology has the expertise to distil broad-based knowledge and aspirations and hone in on significant key issues. This high-level advice then facilitates all stakeholders to identify clear pathways and goals.  

This process often requires initiating and sustaining effective relationships with numerous collaborators. Collaborative relationships enable the establishment of clear and agreed management objectives and outcomes. 

We have learnt that this focussed, consensus-based approach gives decision-makers, at all levels, a high degree of confidence. This is vital as the success of effective science-driven outcomes is increased dramatically by garnering wide ranging support.   



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