Data Science and Visualization

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Salt Ecology provides specialist expertise in a wide range of data science areas from behind-the-scenes data grooming, data management and storage, comprehensive biostatistical analysis, data summaries and interpretation, to web-based interfaces for data visualisation and sharing. Specialist skills include:

  • Machine learning on data big and small in R, Python, Scala and Apache Spark

  • Mathematical and statistical modelling in Python, R and C++

  • Data visualisation in R, Python, and JavaScript

  • Front end web development in React, D3 and Leaflet

  • Back end web development in Node.js and Python

  • Database development in PostgreSQL, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server

  • DevOps with Git, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Google Cloud and a whole lot of Bash scripting

  • GIS data management

  • Automation and optimisation of work streams

  • Spatial analysis

  • Imagery manipulation

  • Map production

  • Story map outputs

Rocky shore sampling on Kapiti Island

Rocky shore sampling on Kapiti Island