for the environment / mō te taiao

Salt Ecology provides specialist scientific services in all aspects of estuarine and coastal assessment, management and response. We have a long-standing track record of delivering high quality products and innovative solutions.

We pride ourselves on the provision of independent, objective and robust science as this is the key to effectively managing our natural environment.

Planning for an oil spill and responding effectively is essential - Salt Ecology’s expertise in this specialised field is globally recognised.



Robust, cost effective and trusted delivery of expert science:

  • State of the Environment (SOE) monitoring and reporting.
  • Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE).
  • GIS-based habitat mapping and monitoring programmes.
  • Oil spill planning, response monitoring and advice.
  • Ecological Risk Assessment (ERA).
  • National Estuary Monitoring Protocol (NEMP).
  • NZ Estuary Trophic Index (ETI).


Provision of high level guidance and interpretation of science outputs:

  • Integrated coastal management.
  • Catchment based policy development and management advice. 
  • Application and development of quality criteria and standards.
  • Pragmatic management options and tools.


Impact mitigation, habitat restoration and ecosystem rejuvenation:

  • Expert science communication.  
  • Training and peer reviews.
  • Stakeholder and community liaison. 
  • Habitat restoration advice, planning and implementation.
  • Fresh ideas and new pathways.

If you are interested in viewing a selection of our numerous outputs prior to the establishment of Salt Ecology click here.